Alsana St. Louis Facility Offers Unique Road to Recovery For Eating Disorders

Alsana st. louis missouri location

The isolation that Covid-19 has brought has led to a myriad of other problems such as depression and alcoholism. Many people that have struggled with eating disorders are now once again trying to cope with problems they once had overcome.

Alsana, an eating disorder treatment center in St. Louis, has had to adapt with new solutions by adding an extra level of care. With three levels of care, plus a virtual option to help people through these difficult times. Alsana has removed an additional barrier that was preventing people from getting the treatment they needed.

Alsana now offers flexible, virtual IOP and PHP services to clients across the United States. The virtual programming does not replace their in-person PHP and IOP treatment offerings but provides additional flexibility to help them meet their clients’ unique needs. Just like in-person treatment offerings, virtual programming is designed in the spirit of meeting each client where they are in their recovery.

Alsana St. Louis Facility Tour

Check out a tour of the beautiful facility located in St. Louis, Missouri.

If you are interested in learning more about Alsana’s treatment options and locations Call 866-213-9704

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